Our Journey

A.Himanshu, the contemporary ethnic Indian jeweller, est 1975, is the undisputed master of diamonds. A.Himanshu honours its rich Indian past within modern designs, upholding a 48-year legacy of timeless glamour and elegance. In everything we do, our creativity, craftsmanship and rapture is what adds to the distinctiveness of the A.Himanshu brand. With diversity, versatility and ardor, we express our talents and are able to contribute to the culture, identity and future of the company. A.Himanshu’s tradition of unique and timeless Jewelery pieces have been adored by diamond collectors worldwide and have been passed down for generations.

As we look towards the future of our company, the changing tastes of our much beloved clientele, we have been encouraged to diversify our collections and designs. Much inspired by the west, we have a leap towards developing classic designs inspired from many different cultural motifs discovered from the world. Euphoria, is the name of our newest company. Euphoria, which means elation, celebrates life and all of its beauty, creating Jewelery that captures the essence of happiness and well-being while also promoting sustainability and individuality.

Our Values


With a strong hold over the traditional styles and designs, we discovered that there is beauty hidden in all cultures. Inspiration strikes when the culture is revered


We see things through a kaleidoscope, metaphorically, super creatively to merge mythical concepts and object to design each and every unique piece. We disrupt linear thinking and visions, because with creativity, we have it all.


With prompt receptivity, client servicing, research and development, we assure our clients the highest quality of designs and diamonds. They always come back.